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Skin Pigmentations, also known as Hypopigmentations is caused by a very low amount of melanin being produced by the cells and it makes the skin lighter than normal. Apart from primary pigmentation disorders, hypopigmentation can also result from injuries to the skinsuch as burns, ulcers, chemical exposure, or skin infection.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin Pigmentations (hypopigmentations) refers to patches of skin that are lighter than your overall skin tone. Your skin’s pigmentation, or color, is based on the production of a substance called melanin. If your skin cells don’t produce enough melanin, the skin can lighten. These effects can occur in spots or may cover your entire body.

Skin Pigmentations

What causes Skin Pigmentation or Age Spots?

There are several different causes of Skin Pigmentations (hypopigmentation). The condition most commonly develops as a result of injury or trauma to the skin. Blisters, burns, and infections can all damage the skin and lead to skin pigmentations. Certain chronic conditions can also cause skin pigmentation (hypopigmentation); in instances where skin pigmentation (hypopigmentation) is due to a chronic condition, the condition is usually present from birth.

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