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Skin Hyperpigmentation is referred to patches of skin that are darker than your overall skin tone.-

Your skin’s pigmentation, or color, is based on the production of a substance called melanin. If your skin cells produce more than usual melanin, the skin can get darker. These effects can occur in spots or may cover your entire body. There are several different causes of Skin Pigmentations. The condition most commonly develops as a result of injury or trauma to the skin. Blisters, burns, sun exposure and infections can all damage the skin and lead to skin pigmentations. Certain chronic conditions can also cause skin pigmentation such as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. There are multiple treatments for this condition such as medical topical treatments (hydroquinone-based topicals) to laser treatments (Alexandrite laser or Picosecond lasers). At Papillon Bleu we have the latest technologies in laser treatments. Our physician assess your skin and recommends the most suitable treatment or combinations of treatments for the best and fastest results.

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