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What are acne scars? And, how do they form?

Acne Scars are a skin condition that occurs deep in our skin pores when it becomes exposed to excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria resulting in an inflamed blemish. Our skin begins the natural process of repairing by creating new collagen fibres on the blemish area but is unable to heal back smoothly as before, thus leaving behind scarring or an acne scar.

A major part of acne scars is tissue damage and inflammation on a blemish, many people may not realize that acne scarring is primarily due to the body’s own immune response to healing an infection. In the healing stage of the acne scar, our body floods the infected area with red and white blood cells which can cause pigmented scars that are visibly raised and indented in a basket weave pattern, that is ultimately undesired on our skin. Papillon Bleu Medical Aesthetic Centre offers an acne scar treatment that is catered specifically to your skin needs. Visit our office for your personalized skin consultation session!

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