BOTOX® Jaw Reduction

Jawline Shaping or Masseter Reduction Treatment

Non-Surgical Jawline Shaping & Sculpting Treatments in Coquitlam, British Columbia

Botox injections are traditionally a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles; however, it has a long history of medically therapeutic uses. One of which will be the application of Botox injections to minimize and soften prominent jaw angles, also known as Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment.

What is Non-surgical BOTOX® Jaw Reduction (Masseter Reduction)?

Masseter Reduction, or the BOTOX® Jaw Reduction Treatment, is a facial slimming procedure that reduces the size of the lower muscles of the face, called the masseter muscle. Patients seeking a softer facial shape can improve facial balance and change the shape of an overly square face with Botox injections.

How does BOTOX® Jaw Reduction work?

In some patients, the masseter muscle, a chewing muscle, is enlarged, creating extra facial width. The BOTOX® Jaw Reduction Treatment reduces the size of this muscle over time leading to slimmer and oval shape look of the face.

Non-Surgical with BOTOX®

Non-surgical jaw reduction shrinks the masseter muscle by BOTOX® injections. This will result in a slimmer and softer look of the face.

Surgical jaw reduction is another treatment option. However, patients usually have long recovery times and may have inconsistent and unnatural results. BOTOX® allows non-surgical slimming of the face with zero downtime and no serious side effects.

How long should I wait between BOTOX® jaw reduction treatments?

How long should I wait between BOTOX® jaw reduction treatments?

Treatment is done 2-3 months apart.

How long does BOTOX® take to reduce the masseter muscle?

How long does BOTOX® take to reduce the masseter muscle?

After the first session, it takes 2-3 months to see the preliminary results; however, you may need 2-3 treatment sessions to see the optimal results.

How long BOTOX® jaw reduction last?

How long BOTOX® jaw reduction last?

For most of the patients that follow the instructions and avoid chewing gums frequently or having chewy and hard foods, after 2-3 treatments the results are permanent; however, in some cases,  a repeat in treatment in one year may be required.

How much do BOTOX® jaw reductions treatment cost?

How much do BOTOX® jaw reductions treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment depends on how big the masseter muscle is. Each side may need 25-50 units per session. Individuals on average need 2-3 sessions with 2-3 months intervals.

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